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Ron Jones Music offers competitive pricing on a wide variety of transcription and arranging services.  Included in these rates are vocal-choral score, instrumental parts, and a rehearsal recording.  Prior to commencing a project, arranging license and associated fees must first be obtained.  In addition to the listed prices, clients are also responsible for these licensing fees.  Ron Jones Music will assist with the steps required to obtain these licenses.

Ron Jones Music specializes in recreating popular songs in show choir fashion. Each song is designed and transcribed to meet the specific needs of competition show choirs. Ron Jones carefully arranges music to provide your Show choir the competitive edge needed with respects to thematic concepts, accompaniment, and vocal arranging and instrument scoring. Cost: $300 (with lead sheet), $325 (without lead sheet), and Medley's: $350 and up (pending length and complexity). 

Ron Jones Music can provide you a transcription of previously recorded music. Our technical expertise allows a finished transcribed product that is near flawless. Cost: $300 (with lead sheet), $325 (without lead sheet).

Instrumental Accompaniments
Ron Jones Music can provide instrumentation for previously arranged music.  Arrangements will be designed in the style of the selection with your instrumentation in mind.  Cost: $125 and up (pending length and complexity).

Delivery Method
Ron Jones Music encourages you to "go-green."  Thus, if Ron Jones Music sends you completed music parts via e-mail, there will be no delivery charge.  However, if Ron Jones Music prints out the music and sends it via postal courier, a $10 (plus postage) charge will be added per song. 

All of the above costs are based on a song of average length and instrumentation.  Final pricing is subject to agreed upon requirements and, where applicable, your customized cost estimate.